Our governing council

Crucial to our governance is its independence from government, professionals and all other interest groups. This independence is vital to improving public confidence in regulation in general.

To reinforce that independence and to ensure transparency in decision-making, there is an appointed, rather than elected governing Council.

The Council acts as a governing body, with 14 members and a clear separation of functions from the executive. The Council has equal numbers of lay and registrant members to bring in knowledge and experience from outside the profession and help to ensure public focus, openness and transparency.

Members are appointed to ensure a balance of qualities, skills and experience, and to reflect the diversity of the public and of the pharmacy profession.

There are no places reserved specifically for each of the professions regulated by us, nor for specific sectors of practice. There are, however, reserved places for at least one member who lives or works mainly, or wholly, in each country within Great Britain.

A structure of remuneration and expenses for members of the organisation has been drawn up under the principle that these should reflect the Nolan principles of public life and avoid disincentives to good governance.

The standing orders show how business is conducted at our council meetings. These are important in helping to ensure that meetings run smoothly and that our business is carried out in an efficient and effective way.

Standing orders of the GPhC

Council members

You can find brief biographies of the chair, Nigel Clarke, and the members of our council. Registers of interest for each member can also be found on this page.

Council meetings

Dates of the upcoming meetings of the governing council. Prior to each meeting an agenda and papers will be available.

Gifts and hospitality

Council members should not place themselves under any obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their job or, just as importantly, that might give rise to a perception that they might be so influenced. All members of our council should avoid accepting hospitality or gifts that might call into question their independence or impartiality. Below is the register of gifts & hospitality showing items received that have been declared by the members:

Register of Gifts and Hospitality Council members 2013 

Register of Gifts and Hospitality Council Members 2012