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Meet the Board of Assessors


In the latest issue of Regula+e the GPhC announced the 12 members of the Board of Assessors. It’s an independent body made up of 11 pharmacists and a lay member that sets and moderates the GPhC's registration exam. You can see the full board below.


You can see the Chair of the Board Rose Marie Parr and one of it's new members Stephen Howard. Rose Marie, who is Director of Pharmacy, NHS Education for Scotland, said, “This is so high-stakes for the students and the regulator. We’re very aware of our responsibility.


“We want to make it a bit more open and have our processes looked at and show that they are audited and accounted for, because, actually, coming into the board two years ago, I had little understanding of what it was about in many ways.”


Members of the Board of Assessors


  • Dr Lynne Bollington, independent pharmacy education consultant
  • Ms Mair Davies, Independent pharmacy education consultant, Wales
  • Professor Chris Cairns, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Head of Department of Pharmacy, Kingston University (new member)
  • Dr Ian Cubbin, Managing Director, James Cubbin and Sons Group/Senior Lecturer and Deputy Leader for Pharmacy Practice, Liverpool John Moores University (new member)
  • Mr Stephen Howard, Director of Professional Standards and Superintendent Pharmacist, Lloyds Pharmacy (new member)
  • Mr Andrew Husband, Principal Lecturer and MPharm Director, University of Sunderland (new member)
  • Dr Jill Jesson, Research Consultant, Pharmacy Practice Researcher (lay member)
  • Dr Chris Langley, Reader in Pharmacy Practice and Deputy Head of School, Aston University (new member)
  • Mr Donald Page, Technical Services Pharmacist, National Services NHS Scotland
  • Dr Rose Marie Parr, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Education for Scotland
  • Mrs Karen Pitchford, Principal Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University
  • Mr Mahesh Sodha, Community Pharmacist and Principal Lecturer in Clinical Practice, University of Hertfordshire