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CPD standards

The standards set out the GPhC's requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians continuing professional development (CPD):

Standards for continuing professional development

What the CPD standards contain

The CPD standards contain information about:

  • the amount and type of CPD that is required of you
  • how you should record CPD
  • how to submit your CPD record for review.

It is important that you meet the GPhC's standards to be able to practise safely and effectively.

Who has to meet the standards

The CPD requirements apply equally to all pharmacy professionals - regardless of whether you work part time or in a position of authority.

You are expected to cover the full scope of your practice in your CPD record, including responsibilities (such as superintendent or pharmacist prescriber) and roles in different settings (such as industry and community pharmacy).

What happens if you do not meet the standards

Your conduct will be judged against the standards. Failure to comply could put your registration at risk.

If someone raises concerns about you, the GPhC will consider these standards when deciding whether it is necessary to take any action.

Keeping a record of your CPD

Patients, the public and the government expect that every pharmacy professional maintains their professional capability throughout their career.

Keeping a record of your CPD enables you to confirm that you are meeting these expectations. It also helps you to retain and build your confidence as a professional and provides evidence that you meet the GPhC's CPD requirement.

You must do the following:

  • Keep a legible record of your CPD - either online at, on a desktop computer, or on paper. It needs to be in a format published or approved by the GPhC, carrying the CPD-approved logo.
  • Make a minimum of nine CPD entries per year that reflect the context and scope of your practice as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.
  • Keep a CPD record that complies with the good practice criteria for CPD recording published in the GPhC's requirements for undertaking and recording CPD:
    Plan and record
  • Record how your CPD has contributed to the quality or development of your practice using the GPhC CPD framework.
  • Submit your CPD record to the GPhC when requested.