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Raising concerns

As well as setting standards of practice, we are responsible for ensuring that these standards are met.

We uphold standards in the following ways:

  • Ensuring the registrants (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) complete a fitness to practise declaration during their annual renewal process and regularly undertake continuing professional development activities
  • Visiting registered pharmacies to monitor and secure compliance with the standards
  • Investigating complaints about registrants and issuing advice and guidance where appropriate
  • Restricting or removing a registrant's freedom to practise where we find their fitness to do so is impaired.

We consider a registrant fit to practise when they can demonstrate the skills, knowledge, character and health required to do their job safely and effectively.

We investigate complaints where a registrant's fitness to practise is called into question. If you are concerned that a registrant is not fit to practise, you can make a formal complaint to us.

We also deal with complaints involving registered pharmacy premises where there are concerns about practice.