What standards can you expect from pharmacy professionals?

Do you know what to expect when you need pharmacy services? 

We set the standards that all pharmacy professionals -- pharmacists and pharmacy technicians -- must follow at all times to make sure that you receive safe and effective care.

Pharmacy professionals must:

  1. provide person-centred care 
  2. work in partnership with others 
  3. communicate effectively 
  4. maintain, develop and use their professional knowledge and skills 
  5. use professional judgement 
  6. behave in a professional manner
  7. respect and maintain the person’s confidentiality and privacy
  8. speak up when they have concerns or when things go wrong 
  9. demonstrate leadership  

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What do pharmacists and pharmacy technicians do?

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Report a concern

If you are not happy with the care that you, a relative, or the person you care for has received from a pharmacy professional, then you can tell by using our online form.