Pre-registration Manual

6.5 Setting SMART objectives


6.5.1 Once your outline plan has been developed, it is important to set some short-term goals for the forthcoming weeks. These should ideally take the form of SMART objectives, which means: 

  • SPECIFIC to what you want to achieve
  • MEASURABLE to enable you to quantify whether you have met the objective
  • ACHIEVABLE with the resources available to you
  • REALISTIC and relevant to what you need to achieve
  • TIMED to give a target by when the objective should be achieved. 

Some examples of SMART learning objectives include: 

“By the end of my fourth week in the dispensary, I aim to have completed a continuous log of 200 dispensed items without any errors” 

“Whilst on my two-week hospital placement, I aim to take an accurate medication history from three different patients, under the supervision of a pharmacist, using the resources available” 

“I plan to organise a health promotion event within the local community, on national No Smoking Day and aim to provide smoking cessation advice to at least 5 active smokers” 

“By the end of this week, I aim to have learnt about five significant drug interactions and what recommendations, if any, I should make to the prescriber”.