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The Pharmacy Order 2010 sets out the general functions and duties of the General Pharmaceutical Council, including where we have powers and duties in relation to the setting of regulatory standards. 

We are required to set standards in three broad areas. These are: 

-to set and promote standards for the safe and effective practice of pharmacy at registered pharmacies; 

-to promote the safe and effective practice of pharmacy by registrants (including, for example, by reference to any code of conduct for, and ethics relating to, pharmacy); 

-to set standards and requirements in respect of the education, training, acquisition of experience and continuing professional development that it is necessary for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to achieve. 

Our Regulatory standards policy sets out our approach to developing, publishing, monitoring and reviewing our standards and related guidance. It also sets out the status of these documents, and the way in which these standards should be used by pharmacy professionals. 

The GPhC is committed to setting standards which focus on the achievement of results for patients, and to avoid setting prescriptive and inflexible rules. When regulations and requirements from the regulator are overly prescriptive, this limits the opportunities for innovation or for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to use their professional judgement.