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Development and Review of Our Standards

The initial development of the draft standards was completed before we were established in conjunction with a number of stakeholders. This inclusive and participative process was intended to give pharmacy professionals and other stakeholders an opportunity to start to feed in comments at an early stage and ensure that the standards developed are fit for purpose.

As we were not established, the initial consultation on the draft standards was hosted by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) between October 2009 and January 2010. The following is a report on this consultation:

Report on the responses to the consultation on the revised draft standards [PDF 179.01 KB]

We considered the results of that initial consultation and used them as the starting point for our decisions on how to proceed with the draft standards and how to revise them.

The first consultation on the draft standards was very successful in generating a wide range of views, providing a wealth of useful information. There were some common themes around the drafting and presentation of the initial draft standards.

Following redrafting of four sets of standards we conducted a second consultation. The report of that consultation is available on our previous consultations page.

Future Standards development

We are in the process of preparing a standards development programme which will set out our initial programme of work. Our priority areas for standards development will be:

  • Standard of proficiency
  • Standards for registered pharmacies


All of our standards will be reviewed on an annual basis.