Development and review of standards

Standards of conduct, ethics and performance

In October 2014 we announced the review of the standards of conduct, ethics. To inform the review of our standards we published a discussion paper about patient-centered professionalism in pharmacy which can be found here.

We heard from patients and the public, pharmacy professionals, trainees and students, as well as a range of pharmacy organisations across Great Britain.

An animation that illustrates who we heard from and what we heard can be found here.

Alongside this we also produced a short summary report which can be found here.

Listening to the views and identifying key themes in the responses we received has helped to clarify what ‘patient-centred professionalism’ means in pharmacy practice. This knowledge will help us to revise the standards for pharmacy professionals which set out the behaviours and skills expected from pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

We will consult on the draft standards, and from this process, produce a final set of standards in 2016.