12 November 2015

Council meeting 12 November 2015

Meetings of the council are open to the public, except in occasional circumstances when a session may be deemed to be confidential. If you would like to attend please contact the Council secretary at least two working days before the meeting. 

Papers for this meeting (public session)
Council papers November 2015

Decisions summary and minutes
The main decisions made in public at this GPhC Council meeting will be summarised below. Formal minutes will be published after they are agreed by members at the Council’s next meeting.


        Confidential business

  1. Declarations of interest
  2. Minutes of Audit & Risk Committee, 14 October 2015: Confidential session
  3. Review of strategic risks
  4. Any other confidential business

Public business

  1. Attendance and introductory remarks
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting
  4. Actions and matters arising
  5. Chief Executive and Registrar's report
  6. Corporate plan update and performance monitoring report
  7. Minutes of Remuneration Committee, 24 September 2015
  8. Minutes of Audit and Risk Committee, 14 October 2015: Public session
  9. Statutory Committee member competencies
  10. Board of Assessors' report (September sitting)
  11. Policy updates