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15 November 2012

Meeting of the Council

Thursday, 15 November 2012
10 am to 3.30 pm


Summary of decisions taken

Public business

Preliminary Business

1. Attendance and introductory remarks 

2. Declarations of interest

3. Minutes of the last meeting

4. Matters arising

Performance monitoring items

5. Performance monitoring

6. Future indicators for performance monitoring reports

7. Strategic review of risks

8. Review of the Council's performance as a governing body

Decision items

9. Draft Amendments Rules - consultation report

Draft Amendments Rules - appendix 2

10. Equality Scheme

11. Emergency Registration

Emergency Registration - Appendix 3

12. Remuneration of Associate workers (recommendation from the Remuneration Committee)

13. GPhC Expenses policy (recommendation from the Remuneration Committee)

14. Cash management policy

15. GPhC reporting standard for the annual report (recommendation from the Audit and Risk Committee)

Assurance items

16. Unconfirmed minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee

17. Unconfirmed minutes of the Remuneration Committee

18. Chief Executive and Registrar's report

19. Council business schedule

Confidential items

20. Declarations of interest

21. Unconfirmed minutes of the confidential sessions of the Audit and Risk committee

22. Review of meeting (verbal discussion)

Date of next Council meeting: 7 February 2013