12 September 2013

Meeting of the Council

Thursday 12 September 2013

10.15am to 3.00pm

Summary of decisions taken

GPhC Council Papers Sept 2013 [PDF 1.36 MB]

Approved minutes from this meeting


Public business                

1. Attendance and introductory remarks  

2. Declarations of interest

3. Minutes of meeting 13 June 2013 (public session)

  • The Council agreed the minutes.

4. Matters arising

5. Strategic plan 2014-17

  • The Council agreed the draft strategic plan with one minor change to the text.

6. Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry: update on key issues for pharmacy regulation

  • The Council noted the paper.

7. Further developing our approach to modernising pharmacy regulation

  • The Council noted the paper.

8. New inspection model

  • The Council noted the assurance provided about the GPhC’s readiness to roll out the prototype new inspection model from November 2013. The Council agreed the provisional inspection labels for use in first stage of the nationwide roll-out.

9. Registered pharmacies: update on guidance and Rules

  • The Council agreed the scope of the three guidance documents and the approach to consultation.

10. Performance Monitoring

  • The Council noted the paper.

11. Professional Standards Authority performance review report 2012-13

  • The Council noted the paper.

12. Revised learning outcomes for the initial education and training of pharmacists

  • The Council agreed that the proposed learning outcomes should be used to form the basis for a full consultation in due course. The Council also requested that an implementation plan be brought to the Council for discussion at a future meeting.

13. Chief Executive & Registrar’s report

  • The Council noted the paper.

14. Remuneration of Investigating Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs

  • The Council agreed the Remuneration Committee’s recommendation.

15. Council and Committee schedule for 2014

  • The Council agreed the proposed schedule subject to one correction.

16. Direct Debit indemnity arrangements

  • The Council agreed the new direct debit indemnity arrangements (including application of the GPhC’s seal).

17. Any other public business           

  • There was no further public business.

Confidential business    

18. Minutes of meeting 13 June 2013 (Confidential session)

19. Matters arising

20. GPhC accommodation

21. Remuneration Committee: unconfirmed minutes 25 June

22. Audit and Risk Committee: unconfirmed minutes 30 May

23. Any other confidential business