14 November 2013

Papers for this meeting (public session)
GPhC Council Papers Nov 2013 [PDF 1.11 MB]

Decisions summary and minutes
The main decisions made in public at this GPhC Council meeting are summarised below. Formal minutes for this meeting, agreed by members at the Council’s February 2014 meeting, can be seen here:
GPhC Council Minutes 14 November 2013 [PDF 63.39 KB]



Public Business

1. Attendance and introductory remarks

2. Declarations of interest

3. Minutes of last meeting

4. Matters arising

5. Strategic risk
Decision: The Council approved the development of the Strategic Risk Register.

6. Revising the Education Procedures
Decision: The Council agreed to revise the GPhC’s Education Procedures, strengthening the need for professional behaviour by pre-registration trainee pharmacists and the introduction of a procedure for dealing with serious concerns about a trainee.

7. Performance Monitoring

8. Registered Pharmacies update

9. Review of GPhC prosecution policy
Decision: The Council agreed to defer the review of the GPhC’s prosecution policy to November 2014.

10. Developing memoranda of understanding

11. Developing a framework for assuring the continuing fitness to practise of pharmacy professionals
Decision: The Council agreed the proposals to develop a CFtP framework.

12. Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive

13. Review of Council’s performance as a governing body

14. Chief Executive & Registrar’s report

5. Unconfirmed minutes of Remuneration Committee, 9 October 2013

6. Remuneration Committee recommendations
Decision: The Council agreed the Remuneration Committee’s recommendation that there should be no change to the remuneration rates for the Chair and members of the GPhC’s Council; and no change in the discretionary payments for the chairs of the Audit & Risk and Remuneration Committees. The Council also approved the amendments to the Council Member time commitment and attendance policy.

16. Expenses policy review
Decision: The Council agreed the Remuneration Committee’s proposals to amend the Expenses Policy.

17. Unconfirmed minutes of Audit & Risk Committee, 17 October 2013

18. Council business schedule and Committee dates

9. Any other public business

Confidential Business

20. Minutes of the last meeting

21. Matters arising

22. Unconfirmed Confidential minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee

23. Any other confidential business