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5 February 2015

Council meeting 5 February 2015
Meetings of the council are open to the public, except in occasional circumstances when a session may be deemed to be confidential. If you would like to attend please contact the Council secretary at least two working days before the meeting. 

Papers for this meeting (public session)
GPhC Council papers February 2015 (PDF 1.8MB)

Decisions summary and minutes
The main decisions made in public at this GPhC Council meeting are summarised below. Formal minutes for this meeting, agreed by members at the Council’s April 2015 meeting, can be seen here: 
GPhC Council minutes 5 February 2015 [PDF 48.09 KB]


Public business

1. Attendance and introductory remarks
2. Declarations of interest
3. Minutes of last meeting 13 November 2014 (public session)
4. Actions and matters arising
5. Corporate Plan 2015-16
Decision: The Council agreed the corporate plan 2015-16, subject to some minor amendments for clarification to be approved by the Chair.
6. Budget and Fee proposals 2015-16 and
7. Fees rules consultation
Decision: The Council agreed the budget 2015-16 and agreed to carry out a consultation on the proposed changes to fees (see press statement).
8. Chief Executive and Registrar’s Report
9. Pharmacy team work programme: an update
10. Review of the GPhC Indicative Sanctions Guidance
Decision: The Council agreed to carry out a consultation on the revised indicative sanctions guidance.
11. Performance monitoring report
12. Audit and Risk Committee minutes 22 January 2015 (public session)
13. Council appointments progress report
Decision: The Council agreed the proposals set out in the paper subject to the addition of some wording for clarity.
14. Policy and procedure reviews
Decision: The Council agreed the recommendations set out in the paper.
15. Deputising arrangements for Chair of Council
16. Any other public business

Confidential business
17. Declarations of interest
18. Minutes of last meeting 13 November 2014 (confidential session)
19. Confidential actions and matters arising
20. Audit and Risk Committee minutes 22 January 2015 (confidential session)
21. Review of Strategic Risks 
22. Any other confidential business