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Annual report

Annual fitness to practise report
Annual accounts 2018-19

Looking to the future

We are in the third and final year of our strategic plan for 2017–20, which says how we will achieve our key aim of supporting and improving the delivery of safe, effective care and upholding trust in pharmacy, by making sure that:

  • the pharmacy team have the necessary knowledge, attitudes and behaviours
  • registered pharmacies deliver safe, effective care and services
  • pharmacy regulation is efficient and effective

A key priority for 2019/20 will be to finalise our 10-year vision. As part of this work, we have developed an annual plan for 2019/20, which sets out our priorities for the coming year.

Building our data and insight capability

In 2019/20 we will:

  • continue to update our data, approach and procedures to ensure compliance with data protection legislation
  • develop a strategic engagement and research programme
  • develop a strategic approach for how we will systematically evaluate the impact of our work going forwards
  • start to report more broadly on our performance based on good quality sustainable data sources
  • develop and implement an intelligence model for managing incoming information
  • develop a broader range of information for collection to support proactive and intelligence informed actions
  •  invest in the scoping of a whole organisation approach to managing incoming enquiries about pharmacy

Developing a proportionate and restorative approach to fitness to practise

In 2019/20 we will:

  • develop and engage on a strategy for a proportionate and restorative approach to fitness to practise
  • design an approach to managing health issues that supports registrants back into practice where appropriate
  • improve the way we communicate with everyone involved throughout the fitness to practise process
  • improve our understanding of the unintended impact of the fitness to practise process on everyone involved in the process

Implementing our approach to regulating registered pharmacies

In 2019/20 we will:

  • implement the updated principles and approach to how we regulate registered pharmacies 
  • publish our inspection reports and examples of notable practice in the knowledge hub 
  • enhance our capability to assess the increasing range of clinical and technology supported pharmacy services
  • implement a pro-active programme of awareness raising and communication to the sector and the public on key issues affecting patient safety 
  • make full use of our enforcement options in line with our enforcement policy

Setting and upholding standards

In 2019/20 we will:

  • agree a revised set of initial education and training (IET) standards for pharmacists ready for implementation
  • implement revised education and training (ET) standards for pharmacist independent prescribers and consult on guidance for safe and effective prescribing
  • agree policy for the education and training of support staff in the pharmacy team
  • commence a review of how we accredit education and training providers
  • invest in the development of new standards for superintendents, chief pharmacists and responsible pharmacists, subject to legislative change 
  • implement the final part of our revalidation policy with registrants providing reflective accounts and peer review submissions 
  • commence accreditation of new education and training courses for pharmacy technicians based on revised standards

Operating as a professional, lean organisation

In 2019/20 we will:

  • launch our 10-year vision and develop a supporting strategic plan 
  • develop a medium to long-term financial strategy 
  • move applications for pharmacist pre-registration training, the registration assessment and pharmacy technician initial registration online
  • continue the migration of our IT infrastructure and services to the cloud
  • develop a medium to long-term strategy for the development of our key business systems aligned to organisational priorities
  • develop an updated comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion strategy with a focus on our regulatory functions
  • draft, plan and begin implementation of a thee to five-year organisational development strategy
  • initiate a review of our current and future accommodation requirements

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