General Pharmaceutical Council

Annual report

Annual fitness to practise report
Annual accounts 2019-20

Looking to the future

We are in the first year of our strategic plan for 2020–25. This sets out what we will do in the next five years to achieve our ten-year vision of safe and effective pharmacy care at the heart of healthier communities.

Our work over the coming year will be organised under the following five strategic aims, set out in the plan.

  1. Deliver an adaptable standards framework that meets public and professional needs that are changing quickly.
  2. Deliver effective, consistent and fair regulation.
  3. Drive improvements in pharmacy care by modernising how we regulate education and training.
  4. Shift the balance towards more anticipatory, proportionate and tailored approaches to regulating pharmacy.
  5. Enhance our capabilities and infrastructure to deliver our vision.

We will need to keep our vision and strategic plan under close review over the next year and beyond, and reprioritise our work when needed, to make sure we are: 

  • adapting quickly to the challenges described, including COVID-19, and 
  • helping to bring about responsible innovation that is focused on safely delivering improved outcomes for patients