Pre-registration Manual

Autumn 2017 pre- registration bulletin

Fri, 2017-12-01 12:54 -- suzannah.nobbs

Missed the bulletin in your inbox? Check the information here... 

Welcome to the Autumn 2017 pre-registration bulletin, which will help you to make the most of your training.

Make sure your training details are up to date
This bulletin follows on from the welcome letter you received at the start of your training –if you did not receive this letter, please get in touch and check the details we hold for you.

If the information we hold about you and your training is not accurate, your assessment entry application or registration documents may be refused or delayed

Something to declare?
Tell us about any fitness to practise issues as early as possible so we can provide guidance on what to do when you apply for registration. If you think you may have something to declare, get in touch at 

Are you following your training plan?
Your training provider has submitted a plan for your pre-registration training. They should also share this with you. If you have any concerns or issues with your plan, raise these with your training provider. See section 3.4 of the pre-registration manual to find out about your training plan

Be proactive - take ownership of your own training
Pre-registration tutoring is only one element of your tutor’s job as a pharmacist – it’s up to you to take control, make notes, collect evidence, and ask questions of other healthcare professionals. Find out more about making the most of your training 

Worried about an unsatisfactory progress report?
It’s important to be clear about what went wrong if you receive an unsatisfactory progress report. Find out how to get back on track 

The 2018 registration assessments
We have updated the information about the 2018 registration assessments, including the framework (which sets out the topics covered), and feedback from the September 2017 sitting.  See section 5 of the pre-registration manual to find out about the 2018 assessments    

Key dates
We’ve added some more key dates… Make sure you don’t miss out on important deadlines and check the key dates page regularly

Requesting assessment adjustments
If you have a permanent or temporary need which you feel could disadvantage you unfairly when sitting the registration assessment, you can request reasonable adjustments to the assessment conditions to mitigate these. Find about adjustments

Get some support
Pre-registration training can be tough. If you are having problems, there is support available to you. Find out about support