What happens after you raise a concern

Please read the important information below. It explains how we can help and how we will deal with your concern.

1. Triage

When we first receive a concern we consider whether the information is meant for us and whether we have the power to carry out an investigation. We call this process Triage. If the concern is not for us, but is for another regulator or agency, we will pass it on to them for you. We will tell you that we have done this. We aim to review all concerns within 10 working days to see if they need to be investigated.

2. Investigation

Our fitness to practise process is there to protect patient safety and to consider any future risks to patients and the public. When we consider their fitness to practise we will look to see that a registrant can demonstrate the skills, knowledge, character and health needed to do their job safely and effectively.

If the information we receive raises concerns about a pharmacy professional’s ‘fitness to practise’, we will usually start an investigation. Some cases are more complicated than others, and some are more serious than others. We aim to finish our investigation within three to nine months of the concern being raised. In many cases, the pharmacy professional then gets a letter from the GPhC telling them what they must learn from the concerns raised. We keep a copy of this letter on our records. Only the most serious cases are referred to either the investigating committee or the fitness to practise committee.

3. Investigating committee

The investigating committee meets in private. It can decide to close a case with no further action, or to close it after giving advice or a warning to the pharmacy professional. The committee can also refer the case to a fitness to practise committee for a full hearing.

4. Fitness to practise committee

Fitness to practise hearings are usually held in public. If the fitness to practise committee decides the pharmacy professional is not fit to practise it can give them a warning, set conditions that limit how they can practise, or it can suspend them or remove them from the register. 


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