Audit and Risk committee

The Audit and Risk committee is one of the non-statutory committees and supports the organisation by reviewing internal and external audit arrangements, and advising the council on the implications of assurances provided in respect of risk and control.

The committee draws attention to areas where:

  • risk is being appropriately managed;
  • risk is inadequately controlled; and
  • risk is over-controlled.

Internal audit

The committee ensures that there is an effective internal audit function that analyses business processes, procedures and activities with the goal of highlighting any problems and recommending solutions.

As part of this role the committee will:

  • consider the appointment of the internal audit service, the audit fee and any questions of resignation or dismissal and make appropriate recommendations to the council;
  • approve the internal audit programme, consider the major findings of internal audit investigations and management's response, and report progress on matters to the council;
  • ensure co-ordination between the internal and external auditors; and
  • review the effectiveness of internal audit annually.

External audit

The committee:

  • considers the appointment of the external auditor, the audit fee and any questions of resignation or dismissal and makes recommendations to the council
  • reviews the work and findings of the external auditor and considers the implications of, and management responses to, their work.

Read the terms of reference for the Audit and Risk Committee [PDF 432 KB]

Committee members:

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