Investigating committee

The investigating committee was established under the Pharmacy Order 2010 to consider allegations that a registrant’s fitness to practise is impaired. The committee investigates such cases and decides whether to refer them to the fitness to practise committee for a full inquiry.

If the committee decides not to refer a case to the Fitness to Practise Committee, it may accept written undertakings to improve from the registrant concerned, or issue them with a warning. The committee may also give advice to the person concerned or to any one person or body involved, as appropriate.

Membership of the investigating committee

The members of the investigating committee are listed below. All cases are heard by a panel drawn from among these members.

Members' interests can be viewed by clicking on their name.



Position Register of Interests
Andrew Harvey Deputy Chair Andrew Harvey Register of interests [PDF 194.35 KB]
Suzanne Adcock Deputy Chair Suzanne Adcock Register of interests [PDF 542.27 KB]
Jill Crawford Chair Jill Crawford Register of interests [PDF 135.52 KB]
Eileen Skinner Reserve Deputy Chair Eileen Skinner Register of interests [PDF 181.26 KB]
Jason Hall Registrant Member Jason Hall Register of interests [PDF 143.28 KB]
Supriya Kapas Pharmacist Member Supriya Kapas Register of interests [PDF 199.99 KB]
Rebecca Chamberlain Pharmacy Technician Member Rebecca Chamberlain Register of interests [PDF 153.53 KB]
Katherine Watkinson Pharmacy Technician Member Katherine Watkinson Register of interests [PDF 196.4 KB]
Darren Powell Pharmacist Member Darren Powell Register of interests [PDF 188.61 KB]
Kinna Patel Reserve Pharmacist Member Kinna Patel Register of interests [PDF 185.63 KB]
Melanie Carroll Pharmacy Technician Member Melanie Carroll Register of interests [PDF 150.36 KB]
Michael Fowkes Lay member Michael Fowkes Register of interests [PDF 158.54 KB]
Jennifer Walmsley Lay member Jennifer Walmsley Register of interests [PDF 183.27 KB]
David Abbott Reserve Lay member David Abbott Register of interests [PDF 549.43 KB]
John Walsh Reserve Lay member John Walsh Register of interests [PDF 204.36 KB]