Training sites

Pharmacist pre-registration trainees must undertake training at a site which can provide them with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours that patients and the public expect from a fully qualified pharmacist.

Providing training at your site

If you would like to provide pharmacist pre-registration training at your site, we will need to approve your arrangements to check that they meet the scheme requirements and will give trainees the opportunity to meet the performance standards and outcomes set out in the Pre-registration manual.

You should offer a training plan that is mapped to the performance standards and delivers the section 10 outcomes from the future pharmacist standards. The learning environment should meet principle two of the standards for registered pharmacies. Your training site does not have to be on our register of premises, but we expect it to meet this standard.

Applying to provide approved pharmacist pre-registration training

To apply to provide approved pharmacist pre-registration training at your site, please fill in an application for provision of pre-registration training. This application form applies to pharmacist pre-registration training in all sectors of practice.

The deadline to submit a training accreditation application for the 2021/22 training year is 1 April 2021. If you apply for accreditation after this date then we may not be able to process your application in time to take on a trainee for the 2021/22 training year. Any application sent after this date will take up to eight weeks to be processed, although less complicated applications may not take as long.

We will provide more information about the new foundation training year programme in the coming months, and we will accept the criteria on the current application form for submission of training plans for this year.

If you have previously been approved as a ‘multiple training site provider’, we will request a current electronic version of your training plan, which must meet the criteria detailed in the application form. Once we approve the training plan, you can reference it in subsequent applications. If the plan has been significantly updated or the date for review has passed, we would require a new copy to be sent to us with the application.

If you are following an overarching training plan such as one from an external or regional training provider, you can reference this on the application form and where appropriate provide an accompanying rotational plan with your application - providing the training plan meets our criteria, has our approval and will be followed at the site.

If you are submitting a training plan that covers a 6 month placement, for example those that form the non-patient facing part of a joint training arrangement, or for sandwich placement students, it will be approved on this basis. Make it clear in your application which of the performance standards will not be met by the plan as these will need to be targeted during the other period of pre-registration training. If you are planning an "integral" programme for your trainee, please take into account the progress reviews at weeks 13, 26 and 39. You should plan these reviews to coincide with a 3 month block placement if possible; if you cannot do this, you need to make sure that the tutor/s who supervised the placement are present. 

Ownership changes

If there is a pre-registration trainee at a site that changes ownership, the new owner must make an application for provision of pre-registration training for the approval to continue. You should contact us as soon as you are aware that a change of ownership is planned at your training site. Even if your trainee stays at the same site, we would class this as a change of organisation if the ownership changes. Their eligibility to sit the registration assessment for the first time may also be affected. We only recognise 13-week blocks of satisfactory training, which means that their training at a new site will ‘start again’ from the week following the date on which their last documented satisfactory progress review was due. Please contact us to discuss how this change will affect your trainee.

We will be able to start to process your application quicker if you email your completed and signed forms with your training plan to 

If you have any questions about your application, please contact us at the email above or through the customer contact centre.