How we use the data you share with us

Why we consult

We are required to consult before we set any standards or requirements under the Pharmacy Order 2010. We will also consult where necessary to make sure we exercise our statutory functions effectively and proportionately to meet our overarching objective of protecting the public.

How we use your information

We will use your response to help us develop our work. We ask you to give us some background information about you and, if you respond on behalf of an organisation, your organisation. We use this to help us analyse the possible impact of our plans on different groups. We are committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and being inclusive in all our work as a health professions regulator, and to making sure we meet our equality duties. There is an equality monitoring form at the end of the survey. You do not have to fill it in, but if you do, it will give us useful information to check that this happens.

How we share your information

We publish a report about all our consultations. If you respond as a private individual, we will not list your name in the published report or publish your response. If you respond on behalf of an organisation, we will list your organisation’s name and may publish your response in full unless you tell us not to. If you want any part of your response to stay confidential, you should explain why you believe the information you have given is confidential.

Occasionally, the GPhC may need to disclose information under the laws covering access to information (usually the Freedom of Information Act 2000). We will usually anonymise responses or ask for your consent to disclose information, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee confidentiality. We use SmartSurvey to collect responses to our consultations. You can read SmartSurvey’s privacy policy on their website. We take a copy of all responses to analyse at the GPhC and delete the information held in SmartSurvey when our work is complete.

Your rights

Under data protection law, you may ask for a copy of your response to this consultation or other information we hold about you, you may also ask us to delete your response. For more information about your rights and who to contact please read our privacy policy.