Have you given your feedback on how we propose to set fees in the future?

25 May 2021

Share your views on how we set our fees by 2 June 2021

We are asking for your views on how we set fees for registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, including our proposal to keep a flat fee structure rather than introduce differential fees for registered pharmacy professionals, as part of our current consultation on our draft fees strategy.

The responses we receive to this consultation will help us develop our overall fees strategy. This strategy aims to ensure that we can fund the cost of regulation effectively, and can deliver our Vision 2030 as a professional and lean organisation, which is both financially stable and sustainable.

It is part of the organisation’s long-term financial strategy, which includes looking at ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, use reserves more effectively, and make sure those being regulated are paying appropriate fees.

We are not proposing any changes to current fee levels within this consultation.

We are seeking your views on:

  • Our proposal to retain a flat fee structure, rather than introduce differential fees, for registered pharmacy professionals. This would mean that all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians would continue to pay the same fee as others in their respective registrant group. 
  • Our proposal to introduce a multi-year fees cycle rather than the current annual cycle, to allow for better forward financial planning for individual registrants and the GPhC. 
  • Whether we should explore charging to recover costs for the accreditation/recognition and re-accreditation/re-recognition, of all, rather than some, education and training courses and qualifications.

The consultation is open until 2 June 2021 and the survey gathering your views takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete. We welcome all feedback from individuals and organisations. 

After the consultation, we will analyse the responses we receive and consider any changes that are needed. We will publish the results of the consultation including a summary of the responses in a report, once the consultation period has ended. Your contribution will help us to test our overall approach to fee setting, as well as the specific proposals.

Read the consultation document to see our proposals in full [PDF 836 KB]

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