How to complete your revalidation

Revalidation is a process to help you record what you have done to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, and reflect on how you have put this into practice throughout the past registration year. 

You will need to complete:

  • four CPD records (two of which must be planned events)
  • one peer discussion record
  • one reflective account record

You should reflect on one or more of the following standards in your reflective account:

  • Standard 1: Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care
  • Standard 2: Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others
  • Standard 5: Pharmacy professionals must use their professional judgement

When writing your reflective account, you are expected to reflect on one or more of the three standards, selected by the Council from our Standards for pharmacy professionals. You must give one or more examples in your reflective account of how you have met the standard(s) in your practice.

These standards will remain in place until 31 December 2024, so you should continue to use these standards for your reflective account until further notice. 

When should I do it?

Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date, reflecting on how this learning has benefitted users of your services, and showing that you do so by recording this in your revalidation record is a continuous process. You should be doing this activity throughout your career, and your registration year as a pharmacy professional. 

We recommend that you record what you have done to keep your knowledge and skills up to date as you go along, so that you are better able to reflect on how your learning has benefited users of the services you provide. 

This will give you evidence which you can use to support your peer discussion and reflective account, and be ready to submit your complete revalidation record as soon as the renewal window opens for renewing your registration.

What do I need to do?

1. Read the revalidation framework and make sure you understand:

  • what records you need to make
  • how you need to record them
  • what you need to do if you can’t submit the records
  • what happens when you submit your records

Read the revalidation framework

2. Take a look at the example records and other resources to help you carry out your revalidation.

See the revalidation resources

3. Log in to myGPhC and start recording.

Make sure that your records are complete and ready for submission when your renewal is due.

Log in to myGPhC

If you are not able to submit all of the records, you will need to tell us why, and provide evidence by submitting and exceptional circumstances request through your myGPhC account.

Find out more about submitting an exceptional circumstances request

Any questions?

See the frequently asked questions about revalidation