Returning to the register

If it is more than 12 months since you were last registered (with either the GPhC or the previous regulator, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society), and you want to start practising as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician again, you will need to:

1.    Complete an application to return to the register.

Download the return to registration application and guidance pack to find out more and apply.

Important: if you have recently submitted a completed form by post which reached us after Friday 13 March, we may take longer to process it as we currently have limited access to our post.

If you are planning to submit an application, please send a scanned copy to us by email at the address on the form.

2.    Provide a portfolio of evidence to show how you meet the registration criteria.

You can find more information about the evidence you will need provide in the return to registration application and guidance pack.

3.    Check if you need to provide evidence of English language competency.

Read the application guidance to find out if you need to provide evidence of your English language skills. You can find out how to provide evidence, and what types we will accept in the Providing evidence of English language competency guidance pack. You can find more information about the legal requirements in our guidance on evidence of English language skills

4.    Pay the application and re-entry fee which applies to you, as set out in the application guidance.

The application fee covers the cost of processing your application and is non-refundable. The amount depends on the way you left the register, and if you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. You will also need to pay a re-entry fee to re-join the register.

Returning to the register after removal by the Fitness to Practice Committee

If you were removed from the register by the Fitness to Practise Committee, you will not be able to apply to return to the register until five years after your removal date.

If you want to apply to return to the register at this point, make sure you read the guidance on returning to the register and then complete an application for restoration to the register following removal due to fitness to practise.

Managing your registration

If your application is successful, you will need to create an account on the myGPhC system to manage your registration and complete your revailidation. We will send you more details in your confirmation letter and you may find this step by step guide to creating an account on myGPhC useful.