Decisions about your application or registration

If you submit an application to join the register as a pharmacy professional, or to register a pharmacy premises, we will use the information you give us to make a decision about whether or not you or your proposed pharmacy meet the requirements, using a process based on legislation.

If you are already registered with us and we make a decision about your registration, we will use the information available to us to make a decision, using a process based on the relevant legislation.

If you are not satisfied with the decision we have made, you can choose to appeal the decision and request to have the matter considered at an appeal hearing, if the type of decision we have made is listed in article 39 of the Pharmacy Order 2010.

The process for when and how to appeal the decision is set out in article 40 of the Pharmacy Order 2010 and in the GPhC (Appeal Committee Rules) Order of Council 2010.

Making an appeal

If you want to make an appeal you must complete a GPhC notice of appeal form and send it to us together with copies of all evidence and supporting material you want to rely on.

Download the notice of appeal form [Word 263 KB] The document will automatically download, as you click on the above link.

In the form, you will be able to indicate whether you want the matter to be considered by the committee on the papers alone, or at a hearing which you want to attend.

Make sure you read the guidance that comes with the form and provide the correct information.

The committee secretary will acknowledge receipt of your notice of appeal form, and any accompanying information you send and advise you of the next stages in the process.