Provisional registration as a pharmacist 

We introduced provisional registration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the ability of trainees completing the pharmacist pre-registration scheme in 2020 to finish their training as planned, and to sit the registration assessment as originally scheduled.

The aim of provisional registration is to support and enable trainees to use their education and training to support NHS services and provide patient care effectively, while maintaining standards for entry to the register and protecting patient safety.

The provisional register will close on 31 January 2022. Provisionally registered pharmacists will need to join the main register if they are eligible, to continue to practise as a pharmacist after this date. 

Applications to join the provisional register are now closed.

To provisionally register as a pharmacist with a recognised UK qualification you must have: 

  • been awarded a GPhC-accredited Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree or Overseas Pharmacists’ Assessment Programme (OSPAP) 
  • successfully completed 52 weeks pre-registration training in 2020; or successfully completed 52 weeks pre-registration in 2019, and not sat the registration assessment
  • not previously failed the registration assessment 
  • self-declared that you are fit to practise as a pharmacist; that you have read and understood the parameters within which you must practise if your application is successful and an undertaking to only work within your scope of competence 
  • received a satisfactory final declaration and progress report from your tutor through myGPhC, which confirms that they consider you safe to practise as a provisionally registered pharmacist

To find out more about provisional registration requirements, read our policy document, Initial education and training standards for pharmacists: criteria for registering provisionally [PDF 196 KB].

If you are a tutor, see our guidance on completing a final declaration and progress report for your trainee [PDF 171 KB].

If you considering employing a provisionally-registered pharmacist, we have published information which sets out your responsibilities in more detail- please check the Information for employers page.

Information on how we will manage concerns about professionals with temporary registration is available here. [PDF 164 KB]

Working as a provisionally registered pharmacist

If you are preparing to start work as a provisionally-registered pharmacist, see the information we've published about working as a provisionally-registered pharmacist [PDF 230.79 KB].

If you have any concerns that your employer has not met the requirements set out in the information above, such as completing a risk assessment, you can tell us by raising a concern

Leaving the provisional register

If you are currently provisionally registered, have passed the registration assessment, and want to keep working after the provisional register closes, you must submit a full registration application. It may not be possible for us to process this in time before the register closes.

If you are currently provisionally registered, and have not sat the registration assessment, you will leave the provisional register on 31 January 2022. You must wait until you pass the assessment and apply to join the full register before you will be able to work as a pharmacist.