Managing concerns: guidance and resources

This page brings together all resources and guidance relating to how we manage concerns about pharmacy professionals.

The resources are aimed at everyone who is involved with a concern; this includes members of the public, employers, pharmacy professionals (whether involved in a concern or not), their representatives and committee members. It will also be useful to anyone who is interested in fitness to practise proceedings.

We have published a strategy that sets out how we will change our approach to managing concerns [PDF 787 KB] over the next five years. You can also read the strategy in Welsh [PDF 757 KB].

If you are involved in our concerns process, our service promises set out what you can expect of us. [PDF 243.49 KB] (also available in Welsh: Ein haddewidion ar gyfer ein
  [PDF 243.49 KB])

How we manage concerns

 Support available if you are involved in a concern

Advice and support for pharmacy professionals involved in the FtP process  [PDF 462 KB]

How we assess concerns when we first receive them 

Guidance for initial assessment  [PDF 652 KB]

How we investigate concerns and make decisions once we conclude our enquiries

How the Investigating Committee makes decisions

How decisions are made at fitness to practise hearings

Information about restoring a pharmacy professional to the register

Restoration to the register: Guidance for applicants and committees [PDF 646 KB]