Data subscription service

The GPhC data subscription service allows organisations to download information from the register

This service provides register information for certain permitted purposes:

  • Validating the registration status of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and/or pharmacy premises in the interests of public safety.
  • For non-commercial research.

The service allows users to:

  • download data for all registered pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and/or registered pharmacy premises;
  • download lists of changes (additions to and removals/suspensions) to the register; and
  • check if a pharmacist or pharmacy technician has a current registration with our registration validation service

The register extracts are updated on a daily basis and changes are compiled on a weekly basis. The files are available through a secure website accessible only with a valid authorisation code and users can access the files either manually or by setting up automated downloads. The data is available in either XML or CSV file formats.

There are two subscription options:

  • All registers – annual subscription cost £600
  • Registered pharmacy premises only – annual subscription cost £400.

 Please note that this service does not contain any non-public domain data. It will not, for example, contain postal addresses for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Find out more details and order - Data subscription service order form and licence agreement 

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us at