If you want to practise as an independent prescriber, you must successfully complete a GPhC accredited independent prescriber programme.

You will then receive a practice certificate in independent prescribing, which you will need to provide as part of your application for an annotation as an independent prescriber. This annotation will be added to your register entry.

You must wait for the annotation to be added to your register entry before practising in this role.

Use the Adding an annotation as an independent prescriber to your register entry form to apply for your annotation. Make sure your read the guidance included with the form, and submit a scan or photocopy of your practice certificate.

There is a £57.00 fee for processing your application to add an annotation to your register entry.

Removing your independent prescriber annotation

If you no longer want to be an independent or supplementary prescriber, use the Voluntary removal of your annotation or of your register entry form to apply to have your annotation removed from the register.

Important: Any applications which are posted to us may be delayed as we currently have limited access to our offices. If you are planning to submit an application, please send a scanned copy to us by email at the address on the form. Please do not submit more than one copy of your application as it may mean that you are inadvertently charged twice.