Leaving the register

If you no longer need or want to be registered with the GPhC, you can apply to have your details removed from the register.

This is called 'voluntary removal', and is free- just log in to your myGPhC account and complete a voluntary removal application.

To apply for voluntary removal, please log in to your myGPhC account and select the ‘Applications’ option at the top of the screen. You can chose any date before your registration expires to leave the register, but you must submit your application at least one day before your expiry date.

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Why should I apply for voluntary removal rather than letting my registration expire?

Applying for voluntary removal:

  • allows you to decide when your register entry is removed
  • makes it easier and cheaper to re-join the register, if you want to (if you re-join within 12 months, the fee you will pay is less than if you let your registration expire)

Important: As part of your application, you will need to tell us about any issues which could affect your current fitness to practise. We will need to take these issues (or others which are already aware of) into account when deciding whether or not to accept your application for voluntary removal.

What happens if I want to re-join the register?

If you want to re-join the register within 12 months of your last registration, you should apply to restore your entry to the register.

If you want to re-join the register and it has been at least 12 months since you were last registered, you should apply to return to the register.

If you are planning to re-join the register, we recommend that your record any CPD activity you carry out while not registered using the revalidation record templates

What happens to my myGPhC account and my revalidation information if I leave the register?

Once you leave the register, you will still be able to access and update your my GPhC account for two years following your leaving date. After this time, your entire account (including any remaining revalidation records) will be deleted.

If you re-join the register after the two-year period, you will need to set up a new account.

You may find that some revalidation information is deleted during this two-year period, depending on when you created or submitted it. You can find out more about how long your revalidation information is kept in the When you revalidate section of the myGPhC privacy policy.