Applicants with non-UK pharmacy technician qualifications

If you have trained or been registered as a pharmacy technician in a country outside the United Kingdom, you must complete qualifications and work experience in the UK before you can apply to join our register.

If you want to register as a pharmacy technician in Great Britain, you must:

  • achieve the integrated, or linked, knowledge and competence UK qualification(s). See our list of approved courses and qualifications for pharmacy technicians.
  • complete a minimum of two years’ work-based experience in the UK or meet alternative work-experience requirements.
  • apply to register with us as a pharmacy technician within five calendar years of starting on a recognised course, or within two years of completing the last recognised course, whichever is sooner. (In special circumstances, we will consider later applications if there are legitimate and documented reasons).

Further information

You can find out more about our registration requirements in the criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician in Great Britain [PDF 747 KB]