Applicants with international pharmacy technician qualifications

If you have trained or been registered as a pharmacy technician in a country outside the United Kingdom (UK), you must complete additional qualifications in the UK before you can apply to register. You will also need to complete work experience.

From 1 January 2021, this includes applicants with pharmacy technician qualifications from an EEA country. But it does not include applicants who are defined as being ‘qualifying applicants’ in SI 2020/1394. If, for example, you are a  Swiss national with a pharmacy technician qualification from an EEA country please contact for information on the process you will need to follow.

All other applicants will need to complete:

Once you have completed these requirements, you should apply to register using the UK application form and guidance.

International qualifications and practice, and the relevant work experience requirement

If you have evidence that you have an international pharmacist or pharmacy technician qualification, and are eligible to practise as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in the country where you qualified, you do not need to complete a full two-year period of work experience.

You will only need to provide evidence of relevant work experience carried out in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands while you are completing the integrated or linked knowledge and competency qualification(s).

To reduce the UK relevant work experience requirement, you will need to provide evidence of your:

  • previous qualification, including an academic transcript from your course provider
  • eligibility to practise in the country where you qualified, for example, your registration, certificate or licence to practise

If you do not provide this information, you must complete the two-year requirement as normal.

For your UK work experience to qualify towards your registration, you must be working under the supervision, direction or guidance of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. You must be directly accountable to them for at least 14 hours per week.