Religion, personal values and beliefs: providing emergency hormonal contraception

A pharmacy professional’s religion, personal values and beliefs can play an important part in their life and make a positive contribution to their work and the care they provide. However, in some cases, these personal values and beliefs could affect their willingness to provide certain services, such as routine or emergency contraception. 

Focus on providing pharmacy services online

Online provision of pharmacy services is a rapidly expanding business model where pharmacy services can potentially be delivered over a larger geographic area. Services delivered in this way can improve access and convenience for those living in remote areas or people with busy lives. 

However, there are also additional risks that pharmacy owners need to consider and mitigate to deliver safe and effective care to patients and public online.

Join our Council and help uphold standards and public trust in pharmacy

We are looking for three new council members – two registrants and one member of the public - to help us achieve our aims of protecting the public and upholding the standards of pharmacy services.

This is an exciting time to join the GPhC Council. We have an ambitious programme of work ahead at this time of change for pharmacy, and as a Council we have an important strategic governance and assurance role to play.

Share your views on safe and effective prescribing

We are currently asking for views on proposed guidance for pharmacist prescribers to make sure they provide safe and effective care when prescribing.

The proposed guidance incorporates information we have gathered over the last three years, including from research we have carried out on issues affecting public safety, feedback from our prescribers’ survey, enquiries sent to us, fitness to practise cases, and our discussion papers and consultations. 

Look out for your invitation to respond to a major survey about your roles and responsibilities 

If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician currently on our register, you’ll shortly receive an email on behalf of the GPhC inviting you to complete an important survey about your job roles and responsibilities, work settings, future work plans, and your levels of job satisfaction and work-life balance.

We would urge you to respond as the information you provide will give us valuable insights which we can use to improve the way we regulate.

Reviewing revalidation submissions- what to expect

We will start reviewing revalidation submissions monthly from June 2019 - find out all you need to know about how we select records for review and what to expect if yours is selected...

We will make a selection of submissions to review each month, so your records could be selected for review during the month you submit them, or during any following months, until you make a new submission.

Education and training standards for pharmacist independent prescribers

Our governing council has agreed revised education and training standards for pharmacist independent prescribers. We will begin to accredit courses based on the new standards in 2019.

Read the standards

Council members carefully considered the feedback to our consultation on the revised standards, and made a number of changes to the standards based on what we heard.