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  1. Registrant: Dean Zainool Dookhan

    Dean Zainool Dookhan  [320.09 KB]

    Registration number: 2059808

    Postal town: Birmingham

    Date: 25th May 2022

    Determination: Removed from register


  2. Registrant: Munawar Iqbal

    Munawar Iqbal  [485 KB]

    Registration number: 2059871

    Postal town: Wallington

    Date: 9th May 2022

    Determination: Suspension (4 months) with a review before expiry


  3. Registrant: Sarfraz Hussain

    Sarfraz Hussain  [282.79 KB]

    Registration number: 2045922

    Postal town: Birmingham

    Date: 10th March 2022

    Determination: Suspension for 12 months, with a review


  4. Registrant: Peter Saad

    Peter Saad  [861.6 KB]

    Registration number: 2082881

    Postal town: Nottingham

    Date: 4th March 2022

    Determination: Removed


  5. Registrant: Mohammed Rashed

    Mohammed Rashed  [887.38 KB]

    Registration number: 2079936

    Postal town: Huddersfield

    Date: 18th February 2022

    Determination: Suspension for 9 months with a review hearing


  6. Registrant: Irfan Akhtar

    Irfan Akhtar  [739.05 KB]

    Registration number: 2208584

    Postal town: Manchester

    Date: 3rd February 2022

    Determination: Suspension for one month


  7. Registrant: Bilal Nazir

    Bilal Nazir  [316.73 KB]

    Registration number: 2078294

    Postal town: Cheadle

    Date: 7th January 2022

    Determination: Registrant removed from the register


  8. Registrant: Balkeet Singh Khaira

    Balkeet Singh Khaira  [241.26 KB]

    Registration number: 2069004

    Postal town: Sutton Coldfield

    Date: 13th October 2021

    Determination: The registrant was removed from the register


  9. Registrant: Andrew Charles Coombes

    Andrew Charles Coombes  [133.9 KB]

    Registration number: 2054651

    Postal town: Bournemouth

    Date: 15th September 2021

    Determination: Registrant was removed from the register


  10. Registrant: Reena Shah

    Reena Shah  [290.74 KB]

    Registration number: 2065990

    Postal town: Edgware

    Date: 13th September 2021

    Determination: The registrant was suspended from the register for nine months