Continuing professional development

In 2017, following a public consultation and a decision by our Council, we are calling in the CPD records of:


  • A randomly selected sample of our registrants. This year we are selecting a 2.5% per cent random sample (1169 registrants)
  • Registrants who required remedial measures (a second attempt at meeting our CPD requirements) in the last two years (360 registrants)
  • Registrants who have been restored to our registers in the last year but have not previously had their CPD record reviewed (16 registrants).


Update: The paper submission facility has been withdrawn from the regular methods for submission of CPD entries, with effect from January 2016.

99% of registrants submitted their CPD via CPDOnline during the 2015-16 Call and Review cycle.

If you are asked to submit your CPD entries in a Call and Review cycle, and you have exceptional circumstances which prevent you from submitting online, you may be eligible to submit by paper. If this is the case and you have been called to submit, please contact us after considering the other submission adjustments available to you.on paper, provided that the format has been approved by the GPhC.


The GPhC has a statutory duty to ensure that pharmacy professionals practise safely and effectively. The requirements that we have put in place for continuing professional development (CPD) enable pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to demonstrate that they keep their knowledge and skills up to date in order to maintain and improve their practice.

For any questions on Continuing Professional Development, see our FAQs.