CPD framework

The CPD framework, which came into force on 2 July 2011, sets out in detail what pharmacy professionals must do in order to meet the CPD standards. This includes information about:

  • the types of activities that can be recorded as CPD
  • how entries within a CPD record must be structured
  • how often your CPD record is likely to be called for review and what to do when this happens
  • what records we will keep about registrants’ CPD
  • the circumstances in which additional CPD activities may be required
  • our process for reviewing CPD records and the criteria that we use to evaluate whether or not the CPD requirements have been met, and
  • the terminology that we used to describe our CPD requirements.

CPD framework
As a result of the CPD framework coming into force, there are a few changes to our CPD requirements and to the CPD call and review process.

The most significant changes that apply to any CPD entries that you make from 2 July 2011 are:

  • At least three out of the nine required CPD entries for each full year of your registration must start at 'reflection'
  • When your CPD record is reviewed, the GPhC will check that you have applied at least 50 per cent of the assessable criteria for good recording practice
  • If the outcome of your CPD record review is that you have not met the GPhC’s CPD requirements, we may ask you to undertake additional CPD activities by a specified date and to make a record of this learning in your CPD record, and
  • If you fail to respond to a request from us to submit your CPD record for review by the deadline given, we may now remove you from the register.