Review of CPD records

The GPhC will write to you to request that you submit your CPD record for review.

If you use the online recording system to record your CPD you can submit your record electronically. You will only be able to do this if your record has been called for review.

Update: The paper submission facility has been withdrawn from the regular methods for submission of CPD entries, with effect from January 2016.

99% of registrants submitted their CPD via CPDOnline during the 2015-16 Call and Review cycle.

If you are asked to submit your CPD entries in a Call and Review cycle, and you have exceptional circumstances which prevent you from submitting online, you may be eligible to submit by paper. If this is the case and you have been called to submit, please contact us after considering the guidance and instructions below.



Guidance and instructions

Instructions for electronic submission



Requesting an extension

The GPhC will consider providing an extension to your deadline to submit CPD, but only if you have documented reasons for being unable to do so (such as due to a serious medical condition). If you feel that this applies to you, then please send us (along with the appropriate evidence) the application form below. Your request shall be considered, and we shall contact you by e-mail to let you know whether your application has been successful. Please note that all applications for extensions should be evidence based.

Please note that we would expect registrants to make every effort to submit their CPD as soon as possible; please do not await the outcome of your extension request before ensuring your entries are ready for submission.

If you are granted an extension, this does not negate the requirement for submission of your CPD by your new deadline. The extension purely provides you with additional time within which to submit your records. If you do not submit CPD by the deadline you have been provided with, you are at risk of being removed from the Register.

CPD extension request form (PDF version)

CPD extension request form (Word version)

Notifying us of gaps in your record

There may have been events you have faced which have led to gaps in your CPD records. For example, you may have been on maternity leave, or have faced a serious medical condition during which time you were unable to record CPD. You may request an exemption to submitting CPD records for that period. Alongside the application (below) you will also need to provide appropriate evidence to support your application (in the instance of maternity leave, for example, a birth certificate should suffice).

Upon receipt of an application, with evidence, we will consider your request and contact you by e-mail as to whether we will acknowledge the gaps. Please note that all applications should be evidence based.

You should be aware that having a gap in your submission recognised by us does not negate the need for submission of your CPD. In fact it only reduces the amount of CPD entries that you need to submit. You will still need to submit by your CPD deadline.

CPD incomplete record notification form (PDF version)

CPD incomplete record notification form (Word version) 

Please note you can submit both the Incomplete Record notification and Extension Request.


What happens after your record has been submitted

Once the GPhC has reviewed your CPD record, you will receive written feedback on the good practice that has been identified within your CPD record as well as aspects of your CPD that you may need to look at again. You should receive this within twelve weeks of sending your record to us. A more detailed feedback report will be available for you on your online CPD account.

What will happen if fail to submit your CPD record

You will receive a limited number of reminders. If you do not respond to the original request or to any of the reminders, the GPhC will remove your name from the register.

You will receive notice from the Registrar that he intends to remove your name from the register and will be given a limited amount of time in which to respond.

You will be given the opportunity to request a hearing if you believe there is a valid reason why your entry in the register should not be removed. If you do not request a hearing or if, following the hearing, the Registrar is still of the opinion that you have failed to comply with our CPD requirements, he may proceed to remove your name from the register.

This is one of the reasons why it is vitally important that you inform us of any change of address, even one that is temporary.

Criteria for review of CPD records

These are the criteria that GPhC will use to decide whether your CPD record meets GPhC's CPD requirements.

You can find these and further guidance in appendix 2 of the CPD framework.

  • A CPD record has been submitted to the GPhC in the time specified by the Registrar.
  • The CPD record is legible and has been structured as specified in appendix 1, and is in a format published or approved by the GPhC.
  • The CPD record contains entries covering the full period of the review, or, where there are gaps in the record, an adequate explanation has been provided.
  • There are nine entries completed for each full year of the review period, all of which are relevant to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy within the individual’s scope of practice, including any specialisations and the environment in which the individual practises. At least three of the entries completed for each full year start at 'reflection'.
  • Entries within the CPD record comply with the GPhC’s criteria for good recording practice (see below). Collectively, the entries demonstrate that at least half of the assessable good practice criteria have been applied.