Unregistered pharmacy staff

Unregistered pharmacy staff refers to staff within the pharmacy team who are not registered with us but are involved in pharmacy services at or from a registered pharmacy. It includes pharmacy staff such as dispensers and medicines counter assistants, commonly referred to as ‘support staff’, as well as pharmacy managers.

Strengthening our framework

Council received a paper on ‘Developing an updated regulatory framework for unregistered pharmacy staff’ in March 2017 in confidential items due to the commercial sensitivities around the delivery of the current courses on offer for unregistered pharmacy staff.

Following Council’s approval of the recommendations in the paper, it was agreed the paper and decisions would be put in the public domain alongside communications to stakeholders on changes to the regulatory framework and our direction of travel, development of new guidance for owners, and our immediate intentions in relation to accreditation of unregistered pharmacy staff courses.

Read the paper which is available here

For more information about this work and what it may mean for you, please read our article published in the April 2017 edition of Regulate.

Training programmes for dispensing/pharmacy assistants and medicines counter assistants

For further information about the current education and training requirements for dispensing/pharmacy assistants and medicines counter assistants, please see our pages on support staff.