Applying for the GPhC pharmacist pre-registration scheme

To apply, you will need to:

  • fill in an online application form using myGPhC, including details of your training site(s) and your tutor(s)
  • copy a form of photo ID to upload to your online application
  • organise for your prospective tutor(s) to enter into a learning contract with you through their myGPhC account, as part of your online application

You can start to prepare your application now by reading the application guidance to find out more detailed information about what you need to do and what you will need to apply. We have updated the guidance, so please make sure you check the 2020 version before you sumit your application.

Read the application guidance [PDF 254 KB]

Button link to the application guidance document

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Sandwich courses and integrated degrees

If you are studying the Bradford sandwich course or a five-year integrated degree, please contact your university directly for information on how to apply to the pharmacist pre-registration scheme.