GPhC welcomes progress on concerns about dispensing errors

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has welcomed the progress made in dealing with concerns about the risk of prosecution when an inadvertent dispensing error is made.


GPhC Chief Executive, Duncan Rudkin said:


“We welcome the commitment of the Government to legislate at the earliest opportunity and the MHRA’s plans for a wider review of the nature and extent of sanctions and penalties in this area.


“As the pharmacy regulator, we want to encourage a culture of openness among pharmacy professionals whenever adverse incidents occur, and providing further reassurance and clarification in relation to the extent of criminal liability is one of the key ways that we can improve practice and protect the public.


“Anything that acts as a disincentive to the disclosure of adverse incidents, including dispensing errors, is detrimental to public safety. This is why the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has made clear that single dispensing errors would not in our view constitute a fitness to practise concern, if there was not a wider pattern of errors or significant aggravating factors.


“It is in the interests of patients and the public that this matter is resolved and we want to play our part in that resolution.”