Improvement action plans

Following an inspection, the inspector will write up the report and, for ‘poor’ and some ‘satisfactory’ pharmacies, will set out which standards have not been met and the reason why they have not been met.

All pharmacies which are judged ‘poor’ and those which are judged ‘satisfactory’ but have not met all of the standards, will be required to complete and implement an improvement action plan.

We expect any pharmacy that has not met the standards to provide a quick response to us of the action they intend to take to address any deficiencies and improve practice in the pharmacy. For pharmacies rated as poor this is required in two days; and for satisfactory pharmacies it is five days. We believe this is reasonable in light of the importance we attach to meeting the standards. We will consider some flexibility in this timescale if there are exceptional reasons why this deadline cannot be met.

We require action plans to be filled in by the owner and superintendent pharmacist and returned to us, complete with dates which show when the actions will be completed and who will be responsible for this. Pharmacy owners and superintendent pharmacists will be expected to action their improvements as soon as possible, especially where a risk to patient safety has been identified. 

Once that action has been taken, the owner or superintendent pharmacist must notify us and we will check that the standards are now achieved. If they are, we will sign off the report and the action plan will be complete. If we do not agree that the standards are achieved the owner or superintendent is required to take further action to achieve the standards.

See an example of an improvement action plan