CPDOnline error notification and deadline extension

We have been notified by our system provider, CoAcS, of the identification of a problem in the CPDOnline website, which has potentially rendered the text within CPD records as unreadable, corrupted in format or missing line spacing. This affects users that have accessed CPDOnline and created, amended or submitted records between January 31 – 6 February 2017.  

If you have accessed CPDOnline during this time to create, amend or submit your CPD records, we are advising that you check those records for any text or formatting issues as soon as possible. If you discover any issues or think you have been affected, please contact the CoAcS Helpdesk on 01225 731329 or by e-mail at helpdesk@coacs.com, who will help you to resolve the issue. Please do not contact the GPhC Contact Centre, as we are unable to help with this situation.

As a result of this problem, we have extended the current deadline for CPD submission in the 2017 Call and Review process to Tuesday, 28 March.

The GPhC apologise for any inconvenience, stress and disruption that this may cause users – CoAcS will do all that they can to help any affected users.