GPhC welcomes positive performance review from the PSA

Today we welcome the performance review published by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), which found that we have met all of the PSA’s Standards for Good Regulation, including for guidance and standards; education and training; registration; and fitness to practise.   

The performance review cites, in particular, the GPhC’s fitness to practise process as an area of marked progress. Among the improvements cited in the PSA report are:

  • Improvements in the time it takes for cases to proceed through the fitness to practise process -- from initial receipt of a complaint and imposition of an interim order, to referral to an investigating committee and hearing. 
  • A more robust ‘raising concerns’ section of the GPhC website that is more accessible, with clear information about the types of complaints the GPhC can address and signposting to additional organisations  
  • A streamlined fitness to practise decision-making process that is proportionate, transparent and fair.

Commenting on the publication of the PSA performance review, Duncan Rudkin said:
‘We are encouraged that our hard work to improve our efficiency and effectiveness as a regulator has been recognised by the Professional Standards Authority. This recognition provides assurance to both patients and the public, and those we regulate.
‘That said, we want to build on our work so far in order to maintain the confidence of those we regulate, patients and the public, and the pharmacy sector. We will continue to reflect on our processes and infrastructure, and to develop and improve our own capacity and capability so we can achieve the best outcomes for patients and the public.