Standards to stay the same for second year of reflective accounts

The Council of the GPhC decided at its October meeting to keep the same three standards for the second year of reflective accounts.

Registrants are being asked to choose one or more from the following three standards for reflection for both the 2019-2020 revalidation cycle and the 2020-2021 revalidation cycle:

  • Standard three – Pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively
  • Standard six – Pharmacy professionals must behave in a professional manner
  • Standard nine – Pharmacy professionals must demonstrate leadership

All the standards for pharmacy professionals continue to be important, but the Council agreed there remains a real currency for communication, professional behaviour and leadership. These are all areas of focus in our ongoing work around education and training and in wider healthcare development.

Keeping the same standards for a second year will enable registrants to build on the experience they have developed in the first year and to incorporate feedback obtained from the first year. We anticipate it will also minimise any confusion amongst registrants about which standards they should reflect on. As the reflective account is an integral part of the revalidation framework, making it as easy as possible for registrants is key.

Before the third cycle of revalidation, the Council agreed that we will consider the most effective way for registrants to demonstrate their reflections across all standards over a period of time, the importance and relevance of particular standards at a given point and the responsibility for registrants to identify their own areas of reflection.

You can see our council papers from the meeting here.