Pharmacy professionals: telling us about an issue affecting your fitness to practise

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must declare to us anything that may affect their fitness to practise

What do we mean by ‘fitness to practise’?

Declaring an issue to us doesn’t mean there will automatically be a restriction imposed on your registration, or that we’ll necessarily try and stop you from working.  What it means is that we can take steps to check whether or not there are any risks to you, or to patients and the public that we need to consider and, if necessary, address.

Seven days to self-declare

You must tell us within seven days if you become aware of an issue which may affect your fitness to practise - such as a police caution, an investigation into criminal or professional wrongdoing or a health issue.

It’s important that you do not wait until you renew your registration to declare these issues even if you do not believe that patients would be put at risk, or that confidence in the profession could be damaged.

If there is an issue you have not previously told us about, or that has changed since your last declaration, please tell us now.

If you are still not sure if you need to declare something, then please do declare it.


We need to know if you have a health condition which is impairing or may impair your fitness to practise. 

We need to know about any issues where your ill health may:

  • affect your ability to practise safely
  • be a risk to patient safety
  • prevent you from carrying out any of the regular tasks of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician

You do not need to tell us if you are unfit to work for a limited period of time due to a physical health condition.

If you are still not sure if you need to declare something, then please do declare it.

How do I make a declaration?

Click on the relevant link below and complete the online form.

Declare a health issue

Declare all other fitness to practise issues

What happens once I submit a declaration?

Once you have submitted your declaration, we will consider the information you give us, and we may begin to make some enquiries. We will ask for comments as part of this process and make a decision on what to do next based on all the evidence we’ve gathered.

In less serious cases which do not meet our threshold criteria we may decide to take no further action, or to offer some informal advice.

In more serious cases, following an investigation, we may make a decision to refer a case to the investigating committee, or the fitness to practise committee.

In considering a case, both committees take into account whether a pharmacy professional has been dishonest with the committee, or attempted to cover up wrongdoing.

Find out more about the process for dealing with fitness to practise issues 

Help and support

The organisations below may able to provide helpful advice and support.

Your professional body

If you are a member of a professional body (such as the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, or the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK) they can give you advice and information about how to meet our standards as well as what to do if you find yourself under investigation.

Your insurance provider

Your insurance provider may be able to give you help and advice.

Pharmacist Support

Pharmacist Support is an independent charity working for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students to provide help and support in times of need.