Registered pharmacy standards and inspection

Registered pharmacy standards and inspection
28 October 2015 - 9:14am

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28 October 2015 - 9:05am

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Update on our prototype phase

Welcome to the GPhC’s new approach to inspections. On these pages you will be able to find information on the new inspection model. For example, you will find information on how our inspectors assess pharmacies against our standards and what the outcome of an inspection could be, through to what a pharmacy owner or pharmacy team should expect.

We will be keeping these pages updated to ensure we are sharing our learning as we go. For example we will be including illustrations of good practice that we have identified from recent inspections. These will complement the descriptions for each of the four possible outcomes for a pharmacy following an inspection of poor; satisfactory; good; or excellent.  We hope this will be helpful to owners, superintendents and pharmacy teams in gaining a better understanding of what ‘good’ looks like under the new inspection model.

The new approach to inspection is being run as a prototype, enabling us to test how it works in practice before we go fully live, applying our learning and adapting the model in light of our inspection experience. This also gives owners, superintendents and pharmacy teams the time to become more familiar with our standards. We will not be publishing inspection reports during the prototype phase and reports are confidential between the GPhC and the owner/superintendent of individual pharmacies. When we have completed the prototype phase and refined the new model we will consider publishing inspection reports.

We hope you find the inspection pages useful. Please continue to give us feedback including any suggestions you may have as to how we can improve these pages.