Pre-registration trainee Survey 2013

In November 2013, we launched our first ever survey of pre-registration training. The survey was run online and trainees who undertook training in the 2012/13 training year were invited to respond via email. Emails were sent to 2577 pre-registration trainees (2380 single placement trainees and 197 split placement trainees). The overall response rate was 35%, with 905 trainees completing the survey.

The survey asked questions about trainee’s overall experience, induction, educational supervision, progress and feedback, access to educational resources and the trainee voice. Qualitative data was also captured in free text fields. 

The survey results have provided an important insight in to the training experience of pre-registration trainees. We will provide updates over the following months about how the survey results have informed the work we are undertaking to enhance pharmacist pre-registration education and training.

To get an instant snapshot of the findings, please see our infographics

GPhC – Summary of findings and points for consideration

GPhC Survey of 2012/13 pre-registration trainees – Main report by the University of Bradford and Information by Design

GPhC Analysis of trainee dissatisfaction - 2012/13 Pre-registration Trainees

Thank you

We would like to thank all trainees that took the time to complete our survey. Your responses will play an important role in shaping the future of pharmacist pre-registration education and training.

We would also like to thank our stakeholders who helped to develop and promote the survey.

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