Pre-registration training placement

We believe professional practice offers the best protection for patients and people who use pharmacy services.

The pre-registration training placement gives trainees the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to practice to the standards expected of a pharmacist. It also gives them the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in real-life situations.

During their placement at a GPhC approved training site, trainees work under the guidance and supervision of a GPhC approved tutor, and must demonstrate over 52 weeks that they meet all of the performance standards set out in the pre-registration manual

Trainees are responsible for finding their own training placement and tutor, and letting us know the arrangements they have made by applying for entry to the pre-registration scheme.  We will assess their application to make sure that they are eligible to start training and that the arrangements they have made are suitable and will provide them with the opportunity to meet the performance standards.