Managing concerns: guidance and resources

This page brings together all resources and guidance relating to how we manage concerns about pharmacy professionals.

The resources are aimed at everyone who is involved with a concern; this includes members of the public, employers, pharmacy professionals (whether involved in a concern or not), their representatives and committee members. It will also be useful to anyone who is interested in fitness to practise proceedings.

We have published our Managing concerns about pharmacy professionals: our strategy for change [PDF 787 KB]. Our new strategy outlines how we will take quick action to protect patients when needed, while at the same time promoting and encouraging a learning culture that allows pharmacy professionals to deal with any concerns and go back to practising in appropriate circumstances. It also includes how we will identify where there may be wider system failures that have contributed to things going wrong, which we need to work with others to address. You can also read the strategy in Welsh  [PDF 757 KB].

As part of the strategy, our service promises set out what you can expect from us [PDF 243 KB] if you are involved in any part of the concerns process. You can also read our service promises in Welsh  [PDF 246 KB].

We are currently working on an implementation plan which we will publish in Autumn 2021. The plan will set out the practical steps we will take to improve how we manage concerns about pharmacy professionals, to help us to achieve our Vision 2030. 

How we manage concerns

Support available if you are involved in a concern

Advice and support for pharmacy professionals involved in the FtP process  [PDF 462 KB]

How we investigate concerns and make decisions once we conclude our enquiries

How the Investigating Committee makes decisions

How decisions are made at fitness to practise hearings

Information about restoring a pharmacy professional to the register