Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a process of continuing learning and development throughout the life of a professional. It enables pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to develop in their roles and demonstrate that they are competent in their area(s) of practice. It is not just about participating in continuing education, but an ongoing process of reflection, planning, action and evaluation.

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must undertake and record CPD as a condition of their registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The CPD requirements are not changed by factors such as part-time employment, working in a role where you do not have direct contact with patients, or living or working outside Great Britain.

How is CPD a fitness to practise issue?

The CPD call and review process is now a statutory process (which means that registrants are now required by law to keep records of their CPD and to submit these to the GPhC when requested). Most registrants should expect their records to be called for review every five years. Some registrants may have their records called more often than this.

If the outcome of your CPD record review is that you have not met the GPhC’s CPD requirements we may ask you to undertake additional CPD activities by a specified date and to make a record of this learning in your CPD record. If you fail to respond to a request from us to submit your CPD record for review by the deadline given, we may now remove you from the appropriate register.

The CPD section of our website explains fully what the requirements for CPD are, how to fill in your CPD records, the standards which must be met, the COD framework and rules, what you can expect  from the GPhC and what we expect from you.