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We maintain a comprehensive, fully up-to-date, pharmacy register. As part of this, all pharmacists who are currently licensed to practise in Britain must renew their registration with us annually and you can check their details and registration status here. You can also see details of any Fitness to Practise decisions relating to a registrant.

The data for this search was last updated: 21/02/2018 at 01:10

Surname Forenames Postal Town Annotations1 Superintendent2 GPhC registration number3 Status4 Expiry date of registration5 Fitness to practise information?6
Patel Pratibha ROYSTON 2026677 Registered 31/12/2018

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If you are not sure how to spell the professional's last name then you can tick the 'Sounds Like' box. The system will try to list registrants whose names sound similar to your entry.