Previous registration with the RPSGB or GPhC

Return to registration

If you are a previous Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPSGB) registrant who has never been on the GPhC register, or if it has been more than 12 months since your last entry on the GPhC register, and you wish to return to registration, you will be required to provide a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your current professional competence to practise together with the application for return to registration for persons who have previously been registered with the RPSGB or GPhC.

Please see the relevant criteria below for a return to registration application, along with guidance notes on completing the portfolio of evidence.

Once we have received a completed application along with a portfolio of evidence, your application will be sent to an evaluator to review. You will receive a decision within 28 days following the evaluators recommendation.

If approved you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow 24 hours after receiving the confirmation email for your name to appear on the GPhC’s online register, and until you can start practising as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician. You will also receive confirmation in writing in the form of a ‘Notice of Entry’ letter via post thereafter. If your application is denied you will receive a letter outlining why, within the given 28 day time period.

If you are making an application within 12 months of your last entry you will be required to make an application for restoration . Applications for restoration to the register can only be made within 12 months of the date of your last entry.

Return completed application and portfolio to us by post.

N.B. The Portfolio of Evidence will be scanned and sent for evaluation, therefore please refrain from individually placing each page within a plastic wallet.

Please note: If you were removed from the Register by the Fitness To Practise Committee, you will not be able to apply to return to the Register until 5 years after the date of your removal.  If you wish to apply to return to the Register following removal by a GPhC Fitness to Practise Committee you will need to complete an application for restoration to the Register following removal due to Fitness to Practise.

Please note: Until you have been notified by the GPhC that you have been restored to the Register, please ensure that you do not practise as a pharmacist, or a pharmacy technician. To do so is a criminal offence.  It is also a criminal offence to use the title “pharmacist” or “pharmacy technician” whilst not registered

Restoration hearings

We have published guidance that explains how to apply for restoration to the register after being removed by a fitness to practise committee. It also includes information about restoration hearings, how decisions are made and the outcomes which committees can decide on.

Read the guidance- Restoration to the register: Guidance for applicants and committees

English language competency

From 21 November 2016 a new law makes it a legal requirement for all registrants and applicants to have the necessary knowledge of English for safe and effective practice as a condition of their registration with us. This means that if you are restoring your registration to practise in Great Britain, you may need to provide evidence to show you meet these requirements. 

If you are returning to the register we will consider the following criteria to determine whether you have shown that you have the necessary knowledge of English:

  • The length of time since you last practised in GB

  • Whether you had practised elsewhere or continued to live in GB whilst off the register

  • Whether you had previously demonstrated English language competence at your initial registration

  • The length of time you were registered and practising in GB

  • Other information as may be relevant for example whether concerns were raised about your English language competence while previously registered.

This is not an exhaustive list but gives an indication of matters we will take into account in determining whether to request further evidence of your knowledge of English before returning you to the register. 

If you are applying to restore your registration, you can find out more about the level of competence you will need and the types of evidence we will accept in our guidance on evidence of English language skills, and in the supporting guidance which comes with the form you will need to complete.